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HRCTD STIF Advisory Committee

What is the STIF Advisory Committee?

In July 2020 the Senate Bill 1601 was passed during the First Special Session of the Oregon State Legislature and directed the consolidation of the Special Transportation Fund (STF)program with the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) program, by July 1, 2023. On September 16, 2020 the Hood River County Transportation District Board (HRCTD) Board made the decision to combine the STF and STIF Advisory committees to create the STIF Advisory Committee to align with the combining of the two programs.

The STF was created in 1985 by the Oregon Legislature and was originally funded with a $.01 per pack cigarette tax. In 1989, this tax was raised to $.02. Today, STF is funded by cigarette tax revenue, as well as excess revenue earned from sales of photo ID cards and other funds from ODOT or as directed by the Legislature. The Legislature intended that STF funds be used to provide transportation services needed to access health, education, work, social, and recreational opportunities so that seniors and people with disabilities may live as independently and productively as possible. Hood River County has received about $67,000/year in STF formula funds and has typically received some funding each year for capital and other projects.

Section 122 of House Bill 2017* provides statewide funding for public transportation service from a payroll tax of one-tenth of one percent on wages paid to employees. Proceeds from the payroll tax are deposited into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF). The STIF Formula Fund is intended to expand and improve public transportation services for current
and future transit users.

The purpose of the Committee is to:

  • Assist the Hood River County Transportation District on matters that pertain to the needs of individuals and persons with disabilities and seniors in Hood River County, to encourage and promote services that meet those needs, and to advocate for a range of services that directly affect the welfare of those who desire or require those services.
  • Assist the Board in tasks and duties supporting local and regional transportation services funded through the State Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) and allocated to Hood River County Transportation District, for distribution to Public Transportation Service Providers within and adjacent to Hood River County.

The Advisory Committee defines the poverty rate threshold for Hood River County as Census block groups within the County that have 15% or more of households with an income level that is 200% or less of the federal poverty standards.
Bylaws_Adopted 9.21.2022

STIF Advisory Committee Members

The Advisory Committee has a minimum of five (5) members to a maximum of seven (7) members to represent Hood River County, ensuring that all of Hood River County is represented. Each member is appointed by the HRCTD Board for a period of three (3) years. The Advisory Committee meets a minimum of two (2) times per year but may meet more frequently to carry out the purposes of the committee.

The Board has also invited two individuals to serve as Ex-officio members of the Committee. Ex-officio members are allowed to participate in the Committee discussion and weigh in on the project list – but they cannot vote:

Kathy Fitzpatrick – Mobility Manager, MCEDD
Jessica Metta – Executive Director, MCEDD

Kevin LiburdyCity of Hood RiverJurisdictionalJuly 2022 – June 2025
Leticia Valle MorettiCAT Board MemberLatino, Low-Income, Environmental & Public Transit Provider Representative, Seniors or individuals with a Disability RepresentativeJuly 2022 – June 2025
Rachelle BegayColumbia River Inter-Tribal Fish CommissionNative American RepresentativeJuly 2021 – June 2024
Ivy CollinsHood River Valley School DistrictYouth RepresentativeJuly 2022 – June 2025
Lexi StickelMedicare Transportation ProviderCCO & Low-Income Individuals, Individuals with a Disability RepresentativeJuly 2020 – June 2023
Gisela Ayala EcheverriaOne Community HealthLow-Income Individuals, Individuals with a Disability, Seniors RepresentativeJuly 2022 – June 2025
Taylor England Providence – Dethman HouseLow-Income Individuals, Individuals with a Disability, Seniors RepresentativeJuly 2023 – June 2026

If you are interested in becoming a Advisory Committee member please contact Amy Schlappi at (541)978-8066 or

Upcoming Meetings

November 1, 2022
Purpose: Review the progress of 2021-2023 Biennium STIF Plan Projects, review and prioritize the STIF Discretionary and Statewide Transit Network Funding Projects, confirm the Hood River County Poverty Threshold, review available funds for the 2023-2025 Biennium STIF Plan, and discuss potential projects for the 2023-2025 Biennium.
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Meeting Materials_11.1.22
Meeting Minutes_11.1.22

December 7, 2022
Purpose: Review the draft STIF Plan for the FY24-25 Biennium, prioritize STIF Formula Projects, and approve recommendations for Board adoption.
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Meeting Materials_12.7.22
Meeting Minutes_12.07.22

May 3, 2023
Purpose: Review planned Fall Service changes, outreach, and district programs. We will be looking for feedback and community insight.

Previous Meeting Documents
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Meeting Minutes_9.11.2020
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Meeting Minutes_10.12.2020
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Meeting Minutes_12.4.2020
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STIF Plan Project List
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STIF Plan 2019-2021

FY19-2021 STIF Plan Resolution
FY19-21 STIF Plan
FY 19-21 STIF Project List
FY19-21 STIF Committee Definition Areas of High Percentage of Low Income Households

STIF Plan 2021-2023

FY21-23 STIF Plan Resolution
FY21-23 STIF Plan
FY21-23 STIF Plan Project List
FY21-23 STIF Committee Definition Areas of High Percentage of Low Income Households

STIF Plan 2023-2025

FY23-25 STIF Plan Resolution
FY23-25 STIF Plan Project List
FY23-25 STIF Committee Definition Areas of High Percentage of Low Income Households