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Ride CAT

How to Ride

Take a Fixed Route

CAT has designated stops in Hood River, Odell, Parkdale, The Dalles, Cascade Locks, Multnomah Falls, and Portland at Gateway as well as some seasonal destinations.

Explore our fixed-route options:

On request stops are in Mosier and Troutdale.  Call us one day in advance for pick up at these locations. If on the bus and want to get dropped off, simply ask the driver.


Available within Hood River County (based on availability) Monday-Friday between 8:15am-4:45pm (excluding holidays). Must be scheduled at least one day in advance by calling (541) 386-4202

Dial-A-Ride is a valuable transportation service for anyone, including seniors, people with disabilities who live away from standard fixed route transit systems to travel to medical appointments, employment, school, buying groceries, or any other general need. Dial-A-Ride is provided on a first-come first-served/needs basis and we may not be able to serve everyone. To review our Wheelchair Securement Policy, please click here. Please give us a call for any additional information.

Due to the current health crisis all riders will be required to wear masks and physically distance themselves from others. Reasonable accommodations for a disability or religious reasons can be submitted here. If necessary, rider contact information may be given to Hood River County Public Health officials.

Dial-a-Ride Brochure

Travel Training

The Link Public Transit and Columbia Area Transit (CAT) have partnered together to provide travel training services and support to Wasco and Hood River Counties. The Travel Trainer is available to teach local, rural and underserved populations how to use available public transit services in Wasco and Hood River counties. Please click here for more information.

Get ADA Assistance

Door-to-door service is available as a priority over all Dial-A-Ride trips for ADA-eligible riders.

  • You’re eligible for ADA service if your disability prevents you from using the Hood River fixed route bus service. ADA paratransit service only operates within .75 miles of the Hood River fixed route and only to people who are ADA eligible. All of our buses are accessible to those with mobility impairments and all drivers are trained to help riders with disabilities.
  • With this service we will provide you a door-to-door ride anywhere within this area or to a designated transfer point where you can catch services to the Upper Valley, The Dalles, White Salmon/Bingen, or Portland.
  • If you live in Hood River and would like to use our ADA paratransit services, please fill out the eligibility application or give us a call.
  • Service is available everyday when the Hood River fixed route or the Weekend Trolley fixed route operates during the same hours and days of the week. Visit or learn when those services operate.

Download the ADA Eligibility Application

Request Reasonable Modification

Any rider can request a reasonable modification to our policies, procedures, or practices if it allows them to use or better access our services. Please make these in advance so we have time to honor your request.

Request a Reasonable Accommodation

Flag Us Down

See us coming but can’t spot a bus stop? On specific routes you can flag us down and we’ll pick you up. Just make sure it’s the right bus and you’re on the correct side of the road.


  • What is the service animal & pet policy?

    Service animals are allowed on all Columbia Area Transit vehicles. This includes animals-in-training accompanied by a trainer or person with disability. No permit is required, but the driver may ask if your animal is a service animal. Service animals must remain on the floor without blocking the aisle or on the owner’s lap.

    Non-service animal dogs may ride at the discretion of the bus driver under these guidelines:

    • Drivers may refuse to transport a person and their dog if they already have another dog onboard.
    • Drivers may refuse to transport or request the removal of a dog if it is creating a hazard or disturbance.
    • All dogs that are not service animals must be on leash..
    • Dogs are not allowed to occupy seats; they must remain either on the floor or sit on the owner’s lap.

    Animals other than dogs are not allowed on Columbia Area Transit vehicles unless they are in a confined container or carrier.

  • Can I bring my bike?

    Yes! All of our buses have safe and easy-to-use bike racks and all of our drivers are able to offer guidance on how to operate the rack. Please note, we have a variety of bike racks that may not fit all tire widths. Space for your bike on the rack is on a first come first serve basis. It is up to the passenger to lift and secure their own bike. The larger Columbia Gorge Express buses are equipped with LOLO bike racks that will hold up to six bikes! click here for instructions on how to load your bike

  • Can my kids ride alone?

    Riders 10 and under ride for FREE. 

    The public transit system welcomes all riders. However, bus drivers have the right to refuse service to any rider 10 and under who is without supervision.

  • How do I flag down a bus?

    If you see a bus on a fixed route but can’t quickly get to a designated stop, you can wave to tell the bus driver you’d like a pick up. Be sure to stand on the correct side of the road near a safe place for the bus driver to pull over.

  • What are the rider ground rules?

    We’ve outlined a number of rules but they all essentially say the same thing: be a good human.

    • A valid and correct fare is required.
    • Give up your seat for a senior or person with a disability.
    • Don’t threaten or intimidate riders or drivers.
    • Don’t be so loud that you disturb others.
    • Practice safety: don’t block the aisles or doors with bags, strollers, or other large objects.
    • Keep food and drinks in closed containers.
    • No smoking on CAT property, in vehicles, or facilities.

    See our full Rider Conduct Policy and Appeals Procedure.

  • Do you have tips for staying safe?

    Yes! Here’s what you should keep in mind when riding the bus.

    • Don’t run across traffic or in front of a bus unless it is stopped at a red light. 
    • In the evenings, wear light-colored clothing, reflectors, or lights.
    • Hold on to a seat or handrail while the bus is in motion.
    • Keep track of your belongings while you’re onboard and be sure to secure your smartphone or tablet when you’re near the doors.
  • Are there special accommodations for people with disabilities?

    Yes! All of our buses are wheelchair accessible and all of our drivers are trained to assist people with disabilities. We also offer door-to-door ADA rides. Learn more here.

  • Do you operate when the weather is bad?

    Our number one concern is the safety of all riders. So when it’s snowing, extremely foggy,  there’s freezing rain, or any other type of extreme weather we may delay of suspend our services. 

    We do our best to update this site with route modifications, but please call us if you have further questions.

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  • Do you close for holidays?

    We observe the following holidays by closing most of CAT services.

    • New Year’s Day (Closed)
    • Martin Luther King’s Birthday (Operating weekend service)
    • President’s Day (Operating weekend service)
    • Memorial Day (Operating weekend service)
    • Juneteenth (Operating weekend service)
    • Fourth of July (Operating weekend service)
    • Labor Day (Operating weekend service)
    • Thanksgiving Day (Closed)
    • Day After Thanksgiving (Operating weekend service)
    • Christmas Day (Closed)