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GoVets Columbia Gorge Program


Why ride the bus?

  • Gain independence—rely less on family and friends for a ride.
  • Find freedom—plan trips that work with your schedule.
  • Travel further—access destinations like work, school, and Veteran Services agencies.


Can I ride the bus?

  • All Veterans are eligible for the Go Vets Columbia Gorge program. Our buses are accessible to everyone, including persons with disabilities and older adults.
  • All buses have either lifts or ramps for accessibility by riders in a mobility device, and all drivers are trained to help riders with disabilities.


What is travel training?
Travel training is a free, self-paced process for Veterans to learn how to schedule and ride all Go Vets transit options. Veterans may train in a scheduled class or in a one-on-one setting, and training is confidential and customized to meet everyone’s needs.

How can we help you get where you need to go?

  • Understanding transit maps and schedules.
  • Booking a trip with your free Go Vets fares and passes.
  • How to use a bus or van with your mobility device.
  • Using the bus bike rack.
  • Low-stress coping skills for Veterans dealing with PTSD.
  • Transit tools for individual Veterans (for example: safety lights, noise-canceling headphones, pet carrier, and more).


How do I sign up?

  • Call (541) 386-4202 to start taking advantage of the Go Vets Columbia Gorge program. A program travel trainer will set up an appointment to meet with you to discuss your travel needs and goals.
  • Or contact your Veteran Services Office for more information.


What services are available through Go Vets Columbia Gorge?

  • Free fares and passes on the following transit services:
    • Book-in-Advance Medical Shuttle—this is a by-reservation transportation service from the Gorge to several medical facilities in the Portland Metro area. The purpose of these trips can be to access medical services or to visit loved ones who are receiving medical care in Portland.
    • Dial-a-Ride in Hood River and Wasco Counties—Dial-a-Ride (DAR) is a service for those who live away from standard fixed-route transit and want to schedule a custom pickup and drop off within Hood River or Wasco counties. It’s ideal for getting to medical appointments, work, school, the grocery store, or any other general need.
    • Annual GOrge Pass—the GOrge Pass offers free fixed-route transit on the four major transit providers in the Gorge: Hood River, The Dalles, Skamania, and Klickitat counties.
    • Wasco County Shuttle Services—this includes a Shopping Shuttle, South County Shuttle, and more.


Call or visit CAT or your local Veterans Service Office.


Columbia Area Transit (541) 386-4202
224 Wasco Loop
Hood River, OR   97031

Veterans Service Offices:
The Dalles (541) 506-2502
201 Federal Street
The Dalles, OR   97058

Hood River (541) 386-1080
1790 May Street, Suite A
Hood River OR 97031