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Student Free Fare Program

What is the Student Free Fare Program?

The Keep Oregon Moving Act (House Bill 2017) provides statewide funding for public transportation service from a payroll tax of one-tenth of one percent on wages paid to employees. Proceeds from the payroll tax are deposited into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF). The STIF Formula Fund is intended to expand and improve public transportation services for current and future transit users. 1% of all funds allocated to transit agencies is to be spent on addressing the needs of young people.

In January 2020 CAT introduced the Student Free Fare Program which provides free fixed-route GOrge Annual Transit Passes to Hood River County School District Middle School and High School Students. In addition to free passes two new transit stops were added to specifically serve students:

  • WyEast Middle School*
  • Rockford Grange (Barret & Markham)*

*Call the office at (541) 386-4202 to see when CAT stops at these stops.

Who is eligible?

Any Hood River County School District Middle School or High School student.

How do I get my student a GOrge Pass?

Students can receive their GOrge Pass by returning a parent/guardian signed waiver to their school or to the CAT Office at 224 Wasco Loop in Hood River.

If you pick up your student pass from the CAT Office you must bring student ID or some sort of school identification.

Contact Information

School Number
Hood River Valley High School (541) 386-5657
Hood River Options Academy (541) 387-5042
Hood River Middle School (541) 387-5042
WyEast Middle School (541) 354-1548


Safety is CAT’s number 1 priority. Staff understands that students and parents may have concerns about riding public transit due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Learn what CAT is doing to keep riders safe through our COVID -19 (Coronavirus) Updates page.