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Transit Master Plan Community Advisory Committee (CAT-CAC) Application

Be Part of the CAT Transportation Master Plan Update Community Advisory Committee


Hood River County Transportation District (HRCTD), operating as Columbia Area Transit (CAT), invites and encourages Hood River County residents’ active participation, perspectives, and insights as part of the Hood River County Transportation District’s Transit Master Plan (TMP) Update process.

The purpose of the TMP Update is to:

  • Strengthen key areas of focus from the 2017 Transit Master Plan
  • Maintain a safe and efficient and community-oriented transit system
  • Engage/empower and strengthen the voice of diverse groups of riders
  • Integrate land use, economic development and local partnerships into the plan
  • Develop strategies to address gaps and opportunities through regional coordination

Apply to Join the CAT-CAC Online
Aplica para unirte a CAT-CAC

CAC Roles/Responsibilities

Appointed by the CAT Board, CAC community members will serve as advisors to TMP staff and CAT Board to:

  • Guide the development of the TMP
  • Assist with public outreach methods
  • Review and monitor public input
  • Review draft deliverables
  • Consider Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and other CAT committees’ input
  • Make a formal adoption recommendation to CAT Board

CAC members agree to:
Prepare for and attend all meetings.

  • Time commitment for appointed committee members will be up to four, potentially 2-hour  meetings and associated preparation time
    throughout the course of the TMP process January, 2022 – January, 2023.

The CAC anticipated meeting schedule is:

  • Winter 2022: Public Engagement Plan & Existing Conditions Report
  • Spring 2022: Outreach Evaluation
  • Summer 2022: Draft TMP Strategies, Options, and Land Use Report
  • Fall 2022: Draft TMP

Share/distribute TMP information with the broader community and networks for whom they represent and personal civic affiliations.

CAC members agree to not:

  • Speak on behalf of the CAC unless directed to do so as part of the formal TMP proceedings.
  • Forward/release any draft materials until directed to do so at the time for general public review.

CAC Composition

To guide development of a strong, community-based, and supported plan, CAT requests participation from a geographically-wide and diverse range of up to 15 community members and those whom represent them including the following categories:

  • CAT Board Members
  • Seniors
  • Business
  • People with disabilities
  • Youth
  • Limited  English Proficiency
  • Recreation/Tourism
  • Individuals with low-incomes
  • Other interested community members

Appointed individuals are asked to attend all meetings with no substitutes.

Appointment Schedule

Applications are due by Tuesday, December 14th, 2021.

Staff expects the appointment notification by the end of 2021.


Please contact Amy Schlappi at or (541)386-4202.