Hood River County Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee (STFAC)

The Special Transportation Fund Advisory Committee (STFAC) is appointed by the Hood River County Transportation District (HRCTD) Board of Directors to advise HRCTD by making informed recommendations about the use and grant applications of monies funded by the State of Oregon’s Special Transportation Fund (STF) and the Federal Transit Administration’s Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities – Section 5310 in Hood River County. Hood River County has received about $67,000/year in STF formula funds and has typically received some funding each year for capital and other projects. Additionally, the committee should advise the Hood River County Transportation District on matters that pertain to the transportation needs of disabled and elderly Hood River County citizens, to encourage and promote services that meet those needs, and to advocate for a range of Hood River County transportation needs and services.

The Advisory Committee has a minimum of three (3) members to a maximum of nine (9) members to represent Hood River County, ensuring that all of Hood River County is represented. Each member is appointed for a period of two (2) years. The Advisory Committee consists of; users of transportation services for elderly or disabled, providers of transportation services for elderly or disabled, elderly or disabled persons who live in Hood River County, and a representative of elderly or disabled persons. The Advisory Committee meets twice a year.

The current Advisory Committee members are:
• Currently Open – Rider & Disability Advocate
• Rita Rathkey – Opportunity Connections Disability Representative
• Brittany Wilson – VOA Transportation Provider Representative
• Fran Finney – Rider & Aging in the Gorge Representative
• Elke Towey – Medicare Transportation Provider CCO Representative
• Amy Mallett – Hood River Adult Center

At the March 5, 2019 meeting, the committee made recommendations for the HRCTD STF Formula and 5310 Discretionary grants which were submitted by March 14, 2019.

Advisory Committee Opening

Hood River County Transportation District is looking for a  Rider & Disability Advocate to be part of the Transit Advisory Committee. Requirements for this position are:

  • Able to meet at least 2 times per year.
  • Lives in Hood River County.
  • Active user of public transportation.
  • Advocate for disabled individuals and transportation access.

This is a HRCTD Board of Directors appointed position. If interested in this position please contact Amy Schlappi at amy.schlappi@catransit.org.