Dog Mountain Trail

Do you like hiking and wildflowers? If the answer is yes, then the Dog Mountain trail is for you! This popular trail is located near Stevenson, WA across the Columbia River from Cascade Locks, OR. Dog Mountain is a beautiful hike and roughly 6-miles roundtrip. Along the way you will see breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge from viewpoints along the hike -perfect for you photographers and nature enthusiasts out there. The wildflowers are currently at peak, but they will not last long. This is a perfect way to fully experience the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge and take a memory of a hike that will last a lifetime.

How does one get to the Dog Mountain Trail? Since we are public transit nerds here at CAT our favorite way to get to the Dog Mountain Trail is public transit. The Columbia Gorge Express will connect you from Hood River and Portland to Cascade Locks where you can transfer over to the he Dog Mountain Shuttle in Cascade Locks. To get to Cascade Locks via public transit from Hood River is $1 and $10 from Portland or free with a current GOrge Pass. Pay the driver or use the Token Transit app to pay with a credit card. Due to the popularity of this trail each hiker does need a permit. Luckily, when you take the Dog Mountain Shuttle you automatically get a permit. Taking the shuttle is less stressful and allows for a more orderly way for everyone to enjoy this hike without worrying about parking and congestion. Just go to our Dog Mountain stop located at Thunder Island Brewing and catch the shuttle to the Dog Mountain Trail. Enjoy the ride!

Photo Credit: Rich Porter