Columbia Area Transit (CAT) Resumes Limited Fixed-Route Services

Hood River, Oregon, U.S.A

Columbia Area Transit (CAT) resumed a limited fixed-route schedule within Hood River and between Gorge communities and Portland on June 1st. Dial-a-Ride continues to serve the Upper Valley, Cascade Locks, and other Hood River County locations.

The CAT team has been hard at work to put procedures and policies in place that follow the Oregon Health Authority’s Guidance for Transit Agencies, while allowing staff and riders to use public transportation safely. While CAT is not yet running their regular full schedule, this is the next step to ensure that there is once again safe public transit available within the region.

Current CAT fixed-route services are as follows:

Hood River City Route. Providing service within the City of Hood River Monday-Friday 7AM-6:45PM about every 45 minutes.

The Columbia Gorge Express. Running four times a day between The Dalles, Hood River, and Cascade Locks, and Portland Monday-Friday. Please NOTE that we will not be stopping at Multnomah Falls until the area has reopened.

When using these services, CAT staff encourages riders to THINK BEFORE YOU GOrge and remember to:

Schedule a ride on the Columbia Gorge Express. A seat must be booked a day in advance by calling (541) 386-4202 or online at /appointments/.

Wear a facemask. All riders and drivers are required to wear facemasks which cover the nose and mouth when riding or operating a CAT vehicle. When everyone wears a facemask the risk of spreading the virus is reduced.

Observe physical distance between yourself and others. Sit three feet apart from other passengers, 6 feet from the driver, and remain seated throughout the trip. CAT will limit riders on vehicles and some seats will be marked off to help riders know where to sit.

Take responsibility for your own safety. CAT buses are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected each night. Common places for people to touch (i.e. handrails, seat belts, etc.) are wiped down and disinfected after each trip, but it is impossible to catch everything. Take whatever precautions are necessary for you to feel safe.

Make a plan. Know what services, recreation spots (trails, Multnomah Falls, etc.) or other activity centers are open and closed before you go.

Love the Gorge and remember people live here. Bring what you need. Do not visit local grocery stores or deplete available supplies, but do order take out from one of the many restaurants in the communities we serve and enjoy a meal outside!

To learn more and see the schedules for the Hood River City Route and Columbia Gorge Express visit For more information on how to be good to the Gorge please visit

For comments, questions, or concerns please call (541) 386-4202 or email us at

Hood River County Transportation District provides public transportation in Hood River County under the name of Columbia Area Transit (CAT). We are a Special District organized under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 267. Our major sources of funding include grants from the Federal Transit Administration, several different sources from the State of Oregon, local property tax, and user fees. The District was formed by a vote of Hood River County Residents in 1993.

Contact: Amy Schlappi, Planning and Development Manager
Phone: (541) 386-4202