CAT Offers Free Fare Program to Hood River County Middle School & High School Students

Last, year, the Oregon Legislature enacted the Keep Oregon Moving Act (House Bill 2017 (HB 2017). The bill included a small employee payroll tax dedicated to funding the expansion of public transportation services. One of the areas specifically identified by the legislature is transportation services for youth statewide. One percent of all funds allocated to transit agencies is to be spent on addressing the needs of young people.

Partnering with the School District, Hood River County Transportation District (doing business as Columbia Area Transit—CAT) has allocated funds for the following projects in 2020:

•NEW Free Pass Program to Hood River County Public School District Middle and High School students who have a valid Hood River County School ID.
•NEW transit stop at WyEast Middle School at 3:35PM for after-school activities in Hood River.
•NEW transit stop at the Rockford Grange (Barrett & Markham). Picks up at 8am from the Grange and at 3:30pm from May Street School.

Hood River County School District is working with Middle School and High School Administrators to ensure that all parents are aware of the program and know each student is eligible for a free pass. For more information call 541-389-4202.

Hood River County Transportation District provides public transportation in Hood River County under the name of Columbia Area Transit (CAT). We are a Special District organized under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 267. Our major sources of funding include grants from the Federal Transit Administration, several different sources from the State of Oregon, local property tax, and user fees.

Contact: Amy Schlappi
Phone: (541) 386-4202