CAT Aids Downtown Parking Pressures During Street Reconditioning Project

(Hood River, Oregon) A streets improvement projects in east Hood River may cause parking challenges for downtown Hood River employees when Sherman Avenue closes temporarily between 2nd and 6th streets.

This portion of Sherman Avenue is utilized by many downtown employees to preserve metered parking for downtown customers and visitors. Columbia Area Transit (CAT) is offering a solution to mitigate parking challenges with free service on the Hood River City Bus route for two weeks during the construction period. From August 19th – 30th parking is restricted on this segment of Sherman Avenue, Monday thru Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and the City Bus will run for free during these dates.

“CAT is excited to be working in partnership with the City to mitigate the impacts of this needed project for City residents and employees,” noted Patricia Fink, Director of Hood River County Transportation District.

Employees and residents who utilize Sherman Avenue parking can park on nearby streets and catch CAT’s Hood River City bus at a formal stop or flag it down along the route which runs from the Heights to the Port via downtown. In partnership with the City, CAT’s Hood River City route will be free from August 19th – 30th. Those using the service can get off the bus at downtown stops which include 4th & State or 4th & Columbia streets. For CAT’s complete route and schedule, visit

“The City appreciates CAT’s thoughtfulness in helping the City with a solution for employee-related parking along Sherman during the construction,” relays Andrew Jackson, City Public Works Operations Manager. “The streets improvement project is based on numerous moving parts, particularly the availability of contractors and materials. We are doing everything in our power to make the best of the situation, and hope the public appreciates improved streets in this area for many years to come.”

For more information and updates about the East Hood River Streets Reconditioning project, visit or call the City of Hood River Public Works department at 541-387-5207. For questions about Columbia Area Transit service, call 541-386-4202.


Andrew Jackson, City of Hood River Public Works Operations Manager
Patty Fink, Executive Director, Columbia Area Transit