Cascade Locks - Effective October 1, 2022

Offers more access within Cascade Locks and surrounding areas.

For custom pickup and drop off on the Cascade Locks Route please call (541) 386-4202 at least a day in advance. MASKS - CAT is required to follow federal transportation guidelines for mask use on our buses and in our facilities.
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Service Schedule. Starting October 1, 2022!

Connects Wyeth, Cascade Locks, and Hood River 5 days a week.

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CAT, Hood River Wyeth State Park Thunder Island Brewing Co. Columbia Market Wyeth In-Lieu Site* Wyeth State Park CAT, Hood River
11:25 11:45 11:50 12:00 12:15
6:25 6:45 6:50 7:00 7:15

Route Map

Cascade Locks bus route

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