Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is the fiscal planning advisory committee for the District consisting of the governing body (Hood River County Transportation District Board of Directors) plus an equal number of citizen members appointed by the Board. Citizen members of the Budget Committee are appointed for three-year terms. The Budget Committee must appoint a Budget Chair each year who will work with staff to manage the process and make sure any information requested by the Committee is provided.

The Budget Committee meets at least twice during the annual budget process but may set up additional meetings if the Chair deems necessary. This year the Budget Committee is scheduled to meet:

May 13, 2020 at 4:00pm – At this meeting the Committee will select the Budget Chair, publicly receive the District’s Budget Message; and review the 2021 budget document as proposed by the Executive Director of Columbia Area Transit.
5.13.2020 Agenda

Budget Message & Proposed Budget

May 27, 2020 at 4:00pm – At this meeting the committee will receive public testimony on the budget and make their formal recommendation to the Board.

In general, it is a committee member’s responsibility to ask questions or receive clarification from the Executive Director regarding the proposed budget; hear and consider any testimony presented by the public about the budget, work with other members to revise or make changes to the proposed document and then adopt a formal budget recommendation to the Board.

5.27.2020 Budget Committee Meeting Packet

FY2020-21 LB-1

*Hood River County Transportation District will receive comment on the LB-1 document through July 17th at 5pm. To submit a comment please contact Amy Schlappi at amy.schlappi@ridecatbus.org.

Citizen Budget Committee Members
• Darrell Roberts
• Elizabeth Garber
• Otto Behrmann
• Rob Brostoff
• Joella Dethman
• Beth Boyce